Have you heard of this new adidas Golf shoe? adidas just became the first brand to design a golf shoe with different versions that are made to suit your style, more specifically for right-handed or left-handed golfers. How crazy is that!? Being that a player’s feet work differently during the golf swing, the adidas Asym Energy Boost will be designed specifically for the hand you use.

The Asym Energy Boost will feature asymmetrically-designed left and right shoes with different support spike placements to better suit you style of play and the way you swing. Sold in the right-handed version and left-handed version, each will keep you more grounded  and give you maximized support to increase the power of your swing. Is this something you think will make you a better golfer? Let us know in the comments below.

via: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Author’s Take

Sounds interesting. Closest I’ve gotten to Golf is the mini version, but I’m sure all the golfers will love this shoe.

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