The Debate: LeBron James In His Prime or Michael Jordan In His Prime?


Would you rather have LeBron James in his prime or Michael Jordan in his prime? The argument for both players can be made all day every day, depending on who you ask.

Former Pistons “Bad Boy” Bill Laimbeer was asked this question this morning on The Dan Patrick Show and he answered, “There’s no question that I would take LeBron James.” I mean no question, really? Laimbeer went on to explain his reasons for choosing LeBron over Michael. He essentially said that LeBron is the better all around player who can “do more” such as get you 18 rebounds and 15 assists, or he can score 50 points on any given night. Laimbeer also said that with the roster that the Cavaliers currently have right now, there would be no other player in the world that could lead them to the finals, not even Jordan.

Watch the video above and fast-forward to the 4 minute mark to listen to the segment on LeBron and Michael.

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via: BR