LeBron James won’t be going fishing for the second year in a row as he led the Miami Heat to its second straight championship last week.  As the current alpha dog of the NBA sits back and enjoys the spoils of his victory, here is a special look at some of his finest sneaker moments from this past year.  After much scrutiny at the start of the season because of the alleged over $300 price tag, the Nike LeBron 10 and LeBron James would settle in and have a fantastic season of exclusive colorways and designs that you won’t see anywhere else but on the feet of LeBron (for the most part).  Sometimes it is good to be the king…

10. “Carmex”10a

Forget the colorway influence (LeBron endorses the yellow and red Carmex lip balm), I just want to know when Nike’s going to make a Half-Court Jackson tribute.