The general consensus towards how people feel about the Air Jordan 1.5 is one of two things: You either hate it or love it, there is no in between. When I initially heard about the 1.5, I thought to myself: “WTF?!”. But now that I’ve actually processed the look and meaning of the shoe, I see no reason as to why I should hate the concept and look of this shoe. If you were to ask me if I like the shoe or not, my answer would now be that I like it.

We get it, it looks like a “knock-off Air Jordan 1“. It’s not really a retro model. It’s a “hybrid” model and nobody messed with “hybrids”. right? I say, forget all of that! If people really rocks kicks for the nostalgia and history that they hold, this model should not be considered an afterthought. It’s the Air Jordan 1 upper sitting on top of the Air Jordan 2 sole unit. What makes this so special, well, it happens to be a sample silhouette that was worn a few times by Michael Jordan during his rookie season in 1985. The sneaker was never manufactured in production, but 30 years later we have the chance to get a pair! If you ask me, that’s pretty dope. Up next is this rumored “Soar” colorway that has this ‘Fragment-esque’ feel to it. Rumored to release on October 17th for $150, would you consider getting a pair of this colorway of the Air Jordan 1.5

via: fineline_1721

 Author’s Take

It took me a while to realize the history behind the shoe, but I have now learned to appreciate the history behind it. For that reason alone, I look forward to getting a pair of the Air Jordan 1.5 in this particular colorway.

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