The 23 Greatest Air Jordan 4s Of All-Time As Told By Chappelle Show GIFs (UPDATED)

Not on the list yet because it hasn't released. Also what Chappelle GIF would work with these?
Not on the list yet because it hasn’t released. Also what Chappelle GIF would work with these?

Editor’s Note: It’s that time where we update our list of the greatest Air Jordans ever thanks to a slew of releases since the first time we did this. We also did some rearranging of some of the kicks that made the cut the first time as some colorways have appreciated in value and perception over time while others haven’t aged as well. This post was first published July 12, 2013.

Whenever we get around to revising this list in the future, the “Teal”  you see up top is probably going to be ranked somewhere in the top half.  Along with the “Laser” Air Jordan 4 and the other remastered releases, the silhouette is making noise this year.  So often we get caught up in old colorways and buying the same kicks over and over again (and complaining about them), that we fail to recognize new hotness when we it’s right there for us to see.

Want to know if you'll score the "Toro Bravo" Air Jordan 4? Ask Dave...
Want to know if you’ll score the “Teal” Air Jordan 4? Ask Dave…

Anyways, this list put a few things to light about the Air Jordan 4; while it is easily in the top 5 of most sneakerhead’s favorite Js, putting together a top 23 list was harder than we thought.  While the best colorways were easy to parse through, the gap between the “awesome” and the “meh” was pretty wide, kind of like picking out the best sketches of the Chappelle Show, one of the defining shows of the 2000s.  Even though Chappelle was knocking them out of the park consistently during those legendary first two seasons (season 3 had its moments but the less we talk about them the better), there were some pretty awful sketches in between the heat that nobody likes to talk about.

Yeah, it's that time again.
Yeah, it’s that time again. And we won’t stop….

Thankfully there are more than 23 great sketches of the Chappelle Show so in honor of the silliness that was our list of the greatest Air Jordan 5s of all-time as told through Fresh Prince of Bel-Air GIFs, here is a list of the Air Jordan 4s ever as explained by the genius that was the Chappelle Show.  If you only knew how hard it was to find GIFs that weren’t too overtly uh, profane.  Sorry, Wayne Brady and R. Kelly…

Images courtesy of Nike/Jordan Brand/Sole Collector/Comedy Central/Tumblr