If you’re like the majority of the people out there, you can’t wait until summer gets here. The beach, food, friends, warm nights and a brand new wardrobe. When it comes to getting to the beach, buying your food and hanging out with friends, you have to initiate that, but when it comes to a new wardrobe, specifically sneakers, CLAE has you covered.

CLAE is considered a casual footwear provider. With an array of quality selection, there is bound to be something for everybody looking for a casual looking sneaker. ¬†Earlier this week, CLAE launched their brand new summer collection, and it will come equipped with favorites such as the Bruce, Ellington and Textile. All models will comes donning tropical inspired prints to give the shoes some “pop”, which is exactly what you need in the summer time. Mesh and canvas adorn the uppers, while also being able to be lightweight and breathable. Sounds like the total package, right? If you’re looking to grab a pair or two, you can actually head on to CLAE’s online store and pick out whatever you like.

via: CLAE

Author’s Take

It can’t always be Nike and adidas. It’s more than okay to switch it up a bit. If you’re looking for a casual looking shoe, why not go with a brand that specializes in casual shoes? It only makes sense, right?

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