You could get with this or you could get with that. Two opposite colorways make up the Asics Gel Kayano “Monotone” pack. One comes in all black while the second pair comes in all white. Let’s take a good look to help you decide which pair better suits you.

Already considered a classic in the Asics retro line, theĀ Asics Gel Kayano opts to go with the monochromatic look on their latest two pair pack, The first pair comes in all white with only minimal hits of black used to accent the Asics branding found on the heel of the shoe. The entire sole, laces, and lining also come in white. The all black pair does much of the same. The entire sole, laces, lining all come in black, with only minimal white hits used on the heel end portion of the shoe to highlight the Asics branding. What pair do you like more? Once you make up your mind you can pick up a pair at select retailers for $120.

via: Rise

Author’s Take

I’d probably roll with the white version. Both are clean but I think white would look better right now, being that spring is in full effect and summer is right around the corner. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any pair that you decide to pick up.


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