Supra Skytop III - White

The Skytop is one of Supra’s more recognizable silhouettes. The iconic shoe is now on its third model and to help explain the changes in design SneakerFreaker sat down with Chad Muska to pick his brain.

Four colorways are planned for the upcoming release including White, Blue, Red and Black. As you can see the design has changed a bit drastically but Chad says

If you look at the lines closely you’ll notice it really pays attention to the details found on the original Skytop. With the Skytop II we went a little bit higher than the first version and then on this one, we obviously came down to more of a mid-cut to throw everyone off.

This new version of the Skytop blends the skate and lifestyle shoe perfectly. The brand respected the previous releases and made one major addition to the new shoe that probably could use a bit of explanation. When asked about the rubber cage he says:

Actually we had the shoe design without it and we were looking at it like, “˜Yes, it’s cool, we like it, but it needs something else!’ We weren’t sure exactly what it was but then Josh had one design mocked up that had the cage. When I saw it I was like, “˜Oh, shit, that’s it, that’s really what’s going to set this apart!

Supra Skytop III Colorways
White, Red, Blue & Black
Summer 2011

Source SneakerFreaker