Anytime a business does something successfully for 10 years, it’s a cause for celebration. Can you believe Supra’s been in the game for 10 years now? Once considered a new up and coming brand, they’ve now solidified themselves as veterans of the game. So how are they going to celebrate this grand feat? By releasing the Supra Skytop Decade X Collection.

With the focus centered around the classic Supra Skytop, the Decade X collection will feature the model in four of its versions all done in the same limited edition motif. The bold and creative upper is inspired by Chad Muska’s (professional skateboarder and co-creator of the Skytop) very own artwork and creativity. Using what he likes to call a “Layers” colorway, the shoe’s leather upper is covered in distressed colors to match the look of a studio space. A dope feature on the shoe is the “X” on the heels representing the brand’s 10 years in the business.  Although 4 versions of the Skytop will drop in this collection, only the Supra Skytop 1 “Layers” is available now, while the next three special edition Skytops will be coming soon.


via: Supra

Author’s Take

Dope to see the brand celebrate 10 years. The Skytop is the perfect model to center around the celebration. Wish the brand 10 more years of success.