Dutch company Mujjo understands that winter and its chilly weather can bring huge headaches especially when trooping in the cold. Texting with your bare-hands can be the most difficult thing to do when your hands can’t handle the harsh winds. That is why they designed these slick leather crochet gloves. Designed to be both stylish and functional, these ridiculously high-quality leather gloves have the fit and finish to allow you to comfortably use your smartphone while in the dead of winter. It features a luxe looking crocheted European cotton posterior while the palm is constructed of Ethiopean lambskin for the most distinct and elegant look and feel. The insides are lined with cashmere and a strap at the wrist round out the features.

Mujjo incorporated nanotechnology into the surface for compability with nearly all smartphones on the market. Available now online at Mujjo’s homepage for a retail price of $100 USD.