Stop the Violence Over Sneakers

On January 7th 2012, 19 year old D.C. teen David Lee Robinson was robbed and shot to death over a pair of Nike Zoom Rookies after leaving a party with his cousin. From the feedback we have been getting from our sneakerheads in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia Metropolitan area, robberies and murders have become part of the sneaker culture in certain neighborhoods out there, and finds this very disturbing.

We love our sneakers and we work very hard for them. Some of us find some pretty elaborate ways to come up with the money to get our sneakers. Stealing and killing will never be and should never be a person’s way of getting kicks. Some people blame the robberies on the fact that so many of the most sought after sneakers, especially Nike and Jordan sneakers, come in very limited numbers. Due to limited numbers not everyone is able to get a pair. Match that with resellers selling these same sneakers at prices sometimes more than double the retail price,  it keeps the sneakers out of the hands of people who can’t afford to get them if they are sold out in stores.

It is not a sure bet that releasing more sneakers in stores would stop people from getting robbed for their sneakers, so the best thing to do is just raise awareness to stop the violence over sneakers. Stop the violence, the riots, the looting and let’s stay CIVILIZED. A life is way too precious to give up over any type of sneaker or any other material object. Lets not let our love for sneakers and the sneaker culture take a dark turn like this again. Stop the Violence Over Sneakers! Make sure you Retweet and Like to spread the word!