Freehand Profit

With millions of Star Wars fans all across the world gathering to the nearest movie theaters to watch the latest chapter The Force Awakens all throughout the weekend (and for the rest of time if they’re actually good), everybody is trying to get a piece of the hype train. When there are BB-8 oranges and Chewbacca coffee creamers out in the wild, you know things have gone just a little overboard. We here at Kicks On Fire promise not to take things too far and post something like “10 Air Jordans That Mace Windu Would Rock” or “#ChicksOnFire: Slave Leia Cosplayers Wear Sneakers Too”, but in this edition of Sneaker Grails, we will take a look back at three Nike SB Dunks that honor the franchise while simultaneously avoiding a potential lawsuit since they don’t have the official rights like adidas does.

Nike SB Dunk High Tauntaun (2011)

Oh, the poor Tauntaun. You existed as nothing more than a prop for Han Solo to cut open to save poor Luke Skywalker’s Dagobah system-yelling ass. But since we love everything about the Empire Strikes Back – only the best Star Wars movie ever – your level of notoriety is a little bit higher than “generic scum bag at the Mos Eisley cantina”. Which probably explains why we have a Nike SB Dunk modeled after your frozen carcass and not somebody like Garindan or Snaggletooth. Hopefully if you cop a pair, it doesn’t smell as bad on the inside as it does outside.

Nike SB Dunk High Boba Fett (2008)

Something tells me the Nike SB crew that worked on these kicks are huge Empire fans because this Dunk is based on another character that made their debut in the iconic film (no, that cameo in the remastered version of A New Hope doesn’t count). Once again, we’ve got a close approximation that straddles the line between subtle homage to outright tribute. Renowned artist Freehand Profit had no problem seeing the connection as evidenced by his recreation of Boba’s mask using a few cut-up kicks. Boba might not be happy that the kicks had to be destroyed, but nothing stays in carbonite deadstock forever.

Nike SB Dunk Low Jedi (2004)

Oh look, another Dunk that references a character that first appeared in Empire. This was actually the first of the bunch since it dropped in 2004 and they couldn’t have picked a better character to use for inspiration. The shoe uses Yoda’s homely appearance as the basis for the sneaker’s shades of brown upper while the neon contrast stitching and laces signify his badass light green lightsaber that almost single-handedly justifies the existence of the prequel trilogy. Almost, it does.