Social Status x Reebok Insta Pump Fury - Hornet's Nest

Per SS: This year’s ongoing celebration of the Insta-Pump Fury’s 20 years of innovation has seen shops from all over the globe working in tandem with Reebok to bring us all their take on the long established icon as it closes in on the legal drinking age. But here in Charlotte, there’s even more reason to revel with the recent reclamation, resurrection, and revelation of our relentlessly revered and ravishingly revised Hornets. So we figured what better way to commemorate this, our time of rapturous rejoice, than to use our round in the rotation to (okay I’m done) to combine the big events so we can have two parties at once. Playing off our “Buzz City” moniker (earned during the Revolutionary War when Charles Cornwallis referred to us as “a veritable nest of hornets.”) we’ve applied our signature civic colorway in the most literal sense possible. With little deviation from the source material, our take on the Fury sees a teal canvas base adorned with a printed honeycomb graphic under a tie-dyed inflatable cage. As if the overt references didn’t make things obvious enough, we’ve given no quarter to subtlety, with graphical hornets scattered across the midfoot cage. Firmly planted atop a sole unit featuring purple to teal gradient detailing and finished off with our logo proudly emblazoned across the leather heel panel, we’ve put on for our city probably harder than anyone has done before – well, except for maybe Hugo and those custom Concords.
Name Social Status x Reebok Insta Pump Fury - Hornet's Nest
Colorway Teal / Purple
Release Date Jul 15, 2014
Style Code V61540