So Now People Are Using Sneakers To Smuggle Drugs 1

People are always finding new, creative (and stupid) ways to use sneakers to commit crimes.

The latest “What were you thinking?” news comes from the Mexico – U.S. Border in El Paso, Texas. The story goes that a man names Carlos Fierro, age 51, was crossing the border from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to El Paso, Texas when border patrol officers noticed that his shoes seemed kind of odd, and not just because they were Team Jordans. The agents escorted Fierro to an inspection area where they asked him to remove his shoes. At that point the officers discovered that he was hiding 2.4 pounds of┬ámethamphetamine in the sneakers. Damn…Got ’em! I have a feeling Carlos will probably never see those Jordans anymore.

via: MySA

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