Sneakers In 4K: Air Jordan 12 Wool GS (Video)

We know that the Air Jordan 12 OVO White release is getting all the attention at the moment. And if you’re not interested in Drake’s latest pair of Jordan retros, there’s the premium-priced Air Jordan 12 Wool that is getting you ready for the fall season. There hasn’t been that much in terms of chatter about the GS version of the Wool 12s… until now (cue ominous music).

Priced at $150, the GS version of the Air Jordan 12 is very pricey considering the shoe seems to be designed to be worn only during the fall and winter months. Think of these as the kicks you rock to compliment your long winter coats, I guess.

Get ready for the release this weekend by bookmarking our Air Jordan 12 Wool launch page which has all the latest images, video and links to buy when it drops on Saturday.

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