Have you ever had to sell off some of your sneakers because you need the money? Whether it be to pay for rent, bills, to buy your mom or girlfriend a birthday present or any other reason, it has happened to almost all of us as sneakerheads.

30-year-old “Mike” from Beijing, China decided to do part ways with his collection of 283 pairs of Nikes and Air Jordans, but he’s hoping it’s only for a short amount of time. With the pricey property market in Beijing being the way it is, Mike wanted to move into a new apartment and decided to pawn his entire collection to put a down-payment on an apartment before he gets married. It took Mike 20 years to build up his collection that he sold in minutes.

According to the article on China Radio International the collection was valued 1.8 million yuan and he received one million yuan for pawning them. The owner of the shoes plans to raise enough money to buy back his shoes in the next two months.  As you can see in the pictures above his massive collection includes some Air Jordan gems such as most of the DB collection, Bins, and other highly sought after releases. We even see the new “Tianjin” Foamposites that released just last week.

So here’s our question for our readers, what would it take for you to sell away your ENTIRE sneaker collection?

via: China Radio International