Sneakerbox Fashion Truck

If you’re from New York City, then you’re used to seeing urban areas populated with food trucks, serving people that are on the go. But what if you walked up to what you thought was a food truck one day, and it was actually a clothing / sneaker store on wheels? We love the concepts, and two sneaker entrepreneurs out of Boston are now setting up shop in a truck under the name Sneakerbox.

It will cater to both men and women, and is filled with all types of shirts, sneakers, and accessories. The shop will start patrolling the streets of Boston this month, which is among 6 other fashion trucks in the city.

Check out Sneakerbox for more details.

Sneakerbox is part of a retail culture that seeks to innovate the recycled idea of “brick and mortar” sneaker retailing. Simply put—think of a food truck minus the food and throw in the kicks and apparel. Tiffany and Angela, representing female sneakerheads of the world, will provide the streets with the first woman owned rolling retail street wear concept in Boston. This fashion forward model allows them to reach a variety of customers, catering to both men and women, and provide the freshest in street fashion.