There is no science when it comes to YouTube fame. For every 20 to 30 slickly produced videos that actually took time, money and effort but can barely crack the 10k mark, there is a “cat jumping in a box” clip or a “Let’s Play Minecraft” marathon session that hits the 10 million mark and makes you wonder about life. The same applies for sneaker videos; sites like ours might go ahead and crank out a video with production values and interviews of legit celebrities, but sometimes a sneaker unboxing will garner way more attention.

With brands becoming way more judicious about their seeding process, the days of getting retros and new silhouettes prior to release is less the norm and more the exception. So unless you see us flying to a city for an event that launches a new pair of kicks, we’re in the same boat as the sneakerhead who lines up at the local store who wants to cop the newest heat. But with the likelihood of me lining up for anything currently at slim and none (unless it’s for a joke), what are we to do for coverage? Enter Sneaker YouTube…

So. Much. Swag. (DS Dan)
So. Much. Swag. (DS Dan)

Sneaker Review Roundup is a recurring series here at Kicks On Fire where we highlight some of the best (and at times, funniest) videos about the latest releases on YouTube. Because who is a better representative of what people really think about kicks than the ones who actually buy them? Enjoy and let us know what kicks you might want to see featured here next:

iAMTCII: “I didn’t have too much trouble getting them.”

Ds Dan: No words, just EDM

swagOnHaterzOut: “That’s a lie… I’ve never seen (Low 11s) sit.”

(Also, are those gold Mario amiibos in the back? Now that’s real swag…)

TheBurningSole: “Oh nooooo…”

ƈassaɴ west: “They’re just first come first served… nobody’s asking for them…”

Rishi Rich: Vlogging about that life