Is it the end? Warning: Extreme controversial topic ahead… With 2008 behind us, how many of you guys are concerned about the future of the Air Jordan brand? With the numbered series (Air Jordans 1-23) past its final releases, what can we expect? We have already had a few glimpses of what is to come:

Is the sneaker community buying it? There seem to be much debate and mixed feelings regarding the road map Air Jordan brand has decided to take. As for the Air Jordan Fusion, some OG collectors don’t even regard them as a form of Jordans. While others who enjoy the idea, hold them to be collector items. One thing is for certain, the Fusion concept has definitely boosted a new crowd of Jordan fans to the shoe game. Whether you are a newcommer or a OG sneakerhead, one thing is for sure, the fusions are definitely hurting your bank account. With the wide array of colorways released in such a short period of time, one would be a fool to try to collect them all.

The initial release of the Air Jordan 6 Rings Concords and Air Jordan 6 Rings – Black / Red caused a stir up but then lead to a steep decline in demand with the release (present/future) of some ridiculous color-ways (Championship / Team Colors). What is it with Jordan Brand trying to release one model in 15 different color-ways within 6 months? Back in the days, collectors often found themselves saving up for the next Jordan release (often 3 months apart). Now days, it seems like most collectors are passing on most of the releases. Is the Air Jordan market too over-staurated?

What about the Air Jordan True Flights? Some love the idea of a supercharged version of the Air Jordan 7 while others are filled with groans. Some collectors on sneaker forums even blatanly label the Air Jordan True Flights as “fakes” and “wanna-be”. Definitely not a good way to debut in the sneakerhead community. Meanwhile the crowd that cheers for them can’t get enough. With the release of color-way remnicsent of the Air Jordan 7 classic color-ways such as the: Air Jordan True Flight – White / Court Blue, Air Jordan True Flight – Cardinal, Air Jordan True Flight – Black / Varsity Maize, are collectors going to give in and get their hands on them while they can?

The Air Jordan 2009 is the supposed replacement of the Air Jordan 24. After the discontinuation of the numbered series, every new Jordan will be named according to the release year (Air Jordan 2009, 2010, 2011…). The official unveiling of the Air Jordan 2009 went smoothly but are the Jordan fans sold? Is the Air Jordan 2009 just another Jumpman looking pair which looks like the Air Jordan 23? It’s still a little too early in the game to call out the fate of the Air Jordan 2009. With only a few color-ways floating around the net, the reponses have been filled with undecisivness. Time will tell…

One thing is for sure, whether you are a new collector or an addict, there is no way that you can pass up a Retro during these times. With the bombardment of 100s of color-ways of fusions and hybrids, there is only one way to stay true and safe. Collect OGs or Retros!

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