Skechers Now Bigger Than adidas in U.S. Sneaker MarketI’m pretty sure that most our readers (you) who visit the site on a daily basis, come to find important news or release information regarding brands like Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Vans, etc. But how many of you like or wear Skechers?

It turns out that LOTS of people like Skechers. According to The Wall Street Journal, Skechers has passed up adidas to take over the #2 spot of the sports footwear market in the United States. Skechers accounts for 5% of the market, while adidas comes in at third places with 4.6%. Nike and Jordan Brand share the top spot with a combined 62% of sneakers sold in the states. No surprise there.

Retail sales for Skechers rose by 19 percent for the quarter ending in March, compared to a growth of 10 percent for Nike. Skechers’s sales grew by 29 percent over the last year, with sales reaching $2.4 billion. So how much longer can we ignore Skechers?

I know many of us “sneakerheads” may not wear Skechers, but lots of people who just like to wear a stylish and casual pair of kicks do. Lots of middle aged and older men and women like the comfort and price that the brand has to offer. I probably won’t ever wear a pair of Skechers, but they’re definitely DOIN’ WORK!

via: WSJ