Before there were apps on your phone and Flash games on your laptop… ok, before you even had a phone or a laptop, there was the original Internet time waster on your desktop, The Oracle of Bacon. In between searching for mp3s on Napster/Kazaa and Mario Kart 64 battles, the Oracle of Bacon was there to answer the burning questions of our lives like, “how many movies does it take to connect Vivica A. Fox to Kevin Bacon (answer: 2 and one of the movies is Juwanna Man)?” The game has gone on to spawn similar knockoffs featuring other famous and well-connected celebrities, but none had the charm and late ’90s appeal of the original.

LeBron Trainwreck

Thanks to LeBron James’ well-received performance in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, the folks at the Washington Post have decided to try their hand at recreating the game with Six Degrees of LeBron James. What makes the game different from all the rest is that it uses James as the fulcrum to connection NBA players to virtually every notable actor in Hollywood. How crazy does it get? The first thing I did was connect Bob Cousy to Sofia Vergara (because Sofia Vergara, duh…) and through LeBron, it took 7 links to get there. Can the “LeBron Number” top the “Bacon Number”? It’s hard to tell, but I can’t wait until somebody on Twitter complains that LeBron is once again ruining their childhood for co-opting a nearly two decade old game that he had nothing to do with.

Source: Wall Street Journal (h/t A.V. Club)