Stating that he has always been a Nike fan, Anderson Silva says that he won’t wear Reebok. In an interview with, “The Spider” stood firm on his position and ignored that he will be obligated to use clothes from the official UFC sponsor starting July 6th, when the International Fight Week begins in Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that UFC is sponsored by Reebok, Anderson Silva has decided to stay loyal to Nike–the brand that he has known and loved throughout his fighting career.

“I’m not wearing because there is no truth to this. I can’t pass to my fans something that is a lie. I have always ordered my uniforms to be made and I’ll may still wear them. I have not signed a new contract with Nike after the end of my last deal, but I use a brand because I’ve always did. Not only me but all my family, we just wear Nike or Adidas.”

As of right now, Silva is permitted to not adorn the Reebok brand, but only time will tell when he enters the ring if his loyalty to Nike will remain intact.

Via: Bloodyelbow