All this year we’ve seen LeBron flop not only on court, but in stores as well.  Nike’s 11th signature LeBron has done a lot of sitting on shelves this year.  Unsure of why, Nike continues to produce more and more colorways in hopes of a successful outcome.  Finally after waiting almost the entire 2013-2014 season, the Nike LeBron 11 Low SE Multicolor finally proved that LeBron has still got it!  After rumors of this sneaker originally being part of a “Champ Pack” that never released, the buzz of this sneaker grew to an all-time high.

ShoeFAX carefully analyzed the sales of the Nike LeBron 11 Low SE Multicolor on Kixify and eBay to see how it was so successful.  Although the sneaker released with such a high price tag of $190, they sold out instantly.  The resell of the sneaker reach heights of over $450, and the average even stays at a high $421.13.   With a 100% sell through rate, it’s no wonder the sneaker did so great.  To get the full story, check out ShoeFAX for the complete analysis!