Shannon Favia is an artist known for her pop art sneaker paintings. Her unique style is easily recognized every time you see it on a canvas. She’s been able to share her artwork with the world and has even managed to share it with NBA stars such as Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. For her latest creation, she’s trying something new. Instead of doing a painting of a sneaker, she actually painted on her sneakers. The end result is another Shannon Favia classic!

Shannon Favia let it be known that she only owns one pair of Air Jordans. With that being the case, she decided to give her only pair a of one-of-a-kind look! Using the same style she’s known to utilize on her paintings, Favia went to work on her Air Jordan 1s covering the sneakers in an array of colors in a freestyle manner that helped put her on the map. Check out the images of the custom Air Jordan 1 above and let us know what you think.


via: shannon_favia

Author’s Take

It looks like Shannon found her next choice of canvas, sneakers! Looking forward to see what else she had in store for us in the near future.

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