Yesterday we did an article on Roger Federer‘s new limited editionĀ Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 “Wimbledon”. The sneakers were styled especially for Federer’s run at an 8th Wimbledon championship. After winning his first match, Federer was informed that his sneakers had infringed upon the strict Wimbledon dress code and that his Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 were banned. Wimbledon’s dress code, which at times is enforced more than other times, states that participants at the All England Club wear predominantly all white with no large masses of color, little to no dark, bold, or fluorescent colors, and a preference towards pastel colors. Apparently the Total Orange soles were just too bright for Wimbledon’s taste. The tennis kicks are currently on eBay for more than 2 times the retail price of $140. We all know the buzz “banned” sneakers get from the sneakerhead community. Whether it was a marketing plan or not, Nike could have another pair of grails on its hands.

Source: USA Today