ResellersI feel like every sneakerhead knows the feeling.  You get to the store early in the morning (if not camping out) to get your hands on a beloved sneaker.  You wait patiently and when it’s your turn you hear those jaw dropping words, “We’re sold out.”  There are some other factors that can go into it: long lines, limited quantities, or a popular size.  There is of course the other factor that makes some people’s blood boil: resellers.   I’m sure at some point in time most sneakerheads that didn’t get their hands on a pair of shoes have cursed a reseller.  Heck, I’ve witnessed a reseller go back outside the store and sit down and try to sell the pair he just bought at a jacked up price.  Some of us would laugh at it, some would get mad, but he’s sitting there because he knows he can resell them.  So are resellers good or bad for the game?

The obvious answer most people will say is bad.  They can keep us from getting a pair for the simple reason to try to sell them back to us at an inflated price.  Is that really their fault though?  It’s basic supply and demand economics.  They have a product we want and are willing to sell it to us at a price we will pay.  If we as sneakerheads didn’t buy from resellers there wouldn’t be resellers.  So the blame does not fall solely on resellers’ shoulders because we are paying them.  They also are doing us a service.  If only people who wanted to keep the pairs were buying them, then some of us would be out of luck.  It’s because of resellers that some of us have a second chance to get our hands on a pair.  Yes, the price will be higher but if you covet them that much then you will ultimately pay it.  So to an extent yes, resellers are good for the sneaker game.

Then there is the answer that most sneakerheads will agree with, no, resellers are not good for the sneakerhead game.   Again they keep up from getting the kicks we want.  Then again it’s not that they do that, it’s how they do it.  Many resellers’ sole income is reselling, so they have all the time in the world to camp for kicks.  While most of us have to go to work to be able to pay for our kicks, they’re sitting there and waiting.  Then they go and try to charge sometimes upwards of $2000?  Are the Yeezy 2s or Galaxy Foamposites really worth that much? No, the resell price is purely driven up by HYPE.  Thankfully Nike stores have started to put a stop to camping with the Twitter RSVP.  That doesn’t stop them from going to many other stores, but it’s helpful.  It’s nice that some stores will level the playing field for all to get the releases.

So are resellers good or bad for the game?  They will say they’re good and they aren’t doing anything wrong.  Some will agree with them, some won’t.  Some say they’re terrible and that they ruin people’s chances of buying.  Some will agree with them and some will not.  What do you think?