It is being reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell that the NBA has reached an agreement with Stance Socks to be the official sock of the league.

As part of the multiyear deal, which will begin next season, Stance will make socks for all the league’s players in team colors. Those socks, as well as other limited-edition socks made by Stance, will be sold at retail.

“We’re just this little sock company that’s the first brand to have its logo on every player on the NBA court,” said Clarke Miyasaki, executive vice president of business development for the company. “I hope this gives us a big advantage at retail. All we do is socks, and we’re committed to making the best for the best players in the world.”

If you recall, Stance Socks were already worn by NBA players on the biggest eventĀ of the year for the sport, NBA All Star Weekend. That weekend just justified that a partnership between would definitely flourish.

The sock category has boomed over the last few years ever since the introduction of Nike’s Elite socks back in 2007, and Stance Socks is looking to add some style and flair on the feet of the world’s greatest basketball players.

What do you think of this new partneship between the NBA and Stance Socks? Is it something that will explode and gain lots of popularity, or do you prefer just plain black or white socks? Let us know your take down below.

via: ESPN