Former Nike employee, Kyle Yamaguchi already pleaded guilty regarding an illegal dispute of allegedly stolen sneakers from Nike, while fellow accomplices Tung Wing Ho and Jason Keating have now faced their trials.

Both individuals involved in the shoe trafficking scheme have entered guilty pleas in a federal criminal case. Acknowledging their guilt of transporting, receiving and selling stolen goods in court – Tung Wing Ho and Jason Keating will now await their sentencing later this year.

The government recommended a sentence of one year and one day for each defendant.

For admitting their crimes, the government has dropped other outstanding charges, which included wire fraud. In return, Keating’s plea deal requires that he provide prosecutors the names of his customers in which he sold the stolen goods, as well as details about purchase amounts. He also must forfeit an additional $97,000 he received from the sale of stolen shoes.

As part of Ho’s guilty plea, he has agreed to give up $50,000 from his personal earnings as a result of the fraudulent transactions.

Federal prosecutors claim that during September 2012 and March 2014 Keating paid nearly $680,000 for more than 630 pairs of rare Nike sneakers from Ho and Yamaguchi – both of whom were previously Nike employees.

The government had already seized $206,000 and a Mercedes SUV that were proceeds from the sale of the stolen shoes from a search warrant last year, along with an additional $21,000 from a different time.

Tung Wing Ho will be sentenced on Aug. 5th, while Jason Keating will be sentenced on Sept. 2nd – each facing one year and one day of jail time.

via: PBJ / Image: NDG

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