Sometimes I just wonder if every brand thinks they have to have a print rendition of every silhouette they make. We get a new silhouette from a brand, we all go crazy, and then they produce a print rendition that is eithe a hit or a miss. Nike brought us the Roshe Run which was a huge success, and then we started to see the Roshe Run Print–less popular, but still dope.

Then adidas brought us the ZX Flux–which continues to grow in popularity daily. Soon after we see the adidas ZX FLux Photo Print and that too was a hit. Finally, Reebok gifts us the Reebok Ventilator which was definitely giving the Flux and Roshe a run for their money. But now we see the Reebok Ventilator Print, which might lean a little more toward “miss” than “hit” for some.

The sneaker comes to us in a Black base that utilizes White throughout the upper to create a bizzare airplane-space shuttle graphic. However, my source (Jazzy) tells me that they are much cooler in person, so don’t be fooled. If you’re looking to grab them, they are available at 43einhalb