Remember these? The Publish x Clae Gregory SP “Natural State” has really kept things chilled out in the skating scene, bringing us back to our natural roots of peace and zen. Or that’s my natural state, at least. The simplistic design keeps to a leather build that is set in a light tan hue and that simplicity is carried throughout the design. 

The laces also keep to a tonal palette, keeping these full on monochromatic in style. The toe features perforations, allowing breathability and ventilation. You’re pretty much getting everything you need with these and what’s best is that they’re finally available to be copped. If you’re looking to throw the Publish x Clae Gregory SP “The Natural State” into rotation, then head over to your local Clae retailer and secure your pair today for $150. 


Author’s Take

I was feeling these from the get-go, a second look definitely didn’t change that. 

You can argue that there may not be enough to these, but I rebut that that is the reason why these are so dope. Get behind the movement, peeps!