Fall is practically here, right? That means that we already have to start thinking about what sneakers/boots we’ll be wearing in the cold weather that is headed our way. I for one can’t wait for this heat to be over and enjoy the beautiful hoodie weather.

Nike is beginning to convert some of our favorite sneakers into workboots/duckboots that are meant to withstand the elements that hit us in the final quarter of the year. Here they’ve taken the classic Lunar Force 1 and have transformed it into a duckboot by adding a rugged weather-resistant upper that features rubber textured stars on the toe along with a combination of leather on the back half of the shoe. The translucent outsole is also very durable and meant to fight against the snow and other harsh weather. Oh yeah and this duckboot comes in all black so you can match it with all for your clothes.

Is the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot a must-have for your Fall/Winter rotation?

via: asphalt gold

Author’s Take

If I lived somewhere where it got really cold in the Winter then I would definitely pick up some type of sneakerboot from Nike. But luckily I live somewhere where I can wear pretty much the same kicks all year round.

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