The entire Pigalle x NikeLab Collection will be releasing in just a matter of days. Most of you know that the Pigalle x NikeLab Air Shake Ndestrukt Sail and Pigalle x NikeLab Air Shake Ndestrukt Loyal Blue are in the collection, but what else makes up the collection?

Above you will find the aforementioned Pigalle x NikeLab Air Shake Ndestrukt colorways, as well a Ashpool’s take on the classic sport slide, the Pigalle x NikeLab Benassi Duo Ultra Slide and plenty of apparel to choose from.

The entire collection is inspired by Stéphane Ashpool’s (Pigalle founder) deep love of ’90s basketball. Ashpool made sure that his latest collection has a unisex look and feel to them since he states that every 10 customers at his Paris store, three are women. The aesthetics of the collection draws heavily from women’s haute couture, which is a big deal since this is the first time he’s intentionally pushed a NikeLab collection in a softer direction.

“It was a pretty funky shoe to work on,” Ashpool says of the NikeLab Shake Ndestrukt x Pigalle. “These shoes have a strong volume, so I needed to reduce that. Using the Velcro and those colors, gives it a softer twist.”

The  Pigalle x NikeLab Collection will release on June 24th at select NikeLab locations and

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