On Monday we gave you a first look at the PEAK DH2. What’s the PEAK DH2 you say? It happens to be Dwight Howard’s first signature shoe with his new Chinese footwear brand, PEAK. The first look wasn’t really all that being that picture was of Howard holding the shoe from a distance. A couple days ave passed since then, and now we have a real good at what the shoe is all about.

A few things that stand out from the shoe include the Dwight Howard logo on the tongue and sole, the PEAK branding on the toe and heel, the “BE GR8” branding on the inside of the tongue. The first two colorways will match up nicely with the colors of Howard’s new NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Initial thoughts? No word yet if these will ever arrive stateside, but if they did, would you cop?


images: Peak
h/t: SC

Author’s Take

They’re not atrocious, but being that Dwight Howard currently doesn’t have the best reputation in the NBA, I find it hard to believe that these would do good if they ever sell in the states.

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