When it comes to sponsorships between Adrian Peterson, Oscar Pistorius and Ray Rice, Nike has had a pretty rough few weeks. The cautious moves they’ve made to separate themselves from troubled athletes has undoubtedly created a conversation with consumers and the shareholders as well who recently turned up the heat at their annual meeting.

They pressed brand President Trevor Edwards for answers regarding his view on sponsoring athletes to which he had to say “we make our decisions really based on the situation at hand. And importantly, the facts that we know at that point in time.” When the conversation turned to capitalizing on shifting consumer trends Mark Parker said that Nike plans to create a unique position by driving performance apparel into lifestyle apparel and more explicitly, “we’re going to apply basically the same approach to apparel as we have in footwear.” We don’t see Nike losing an ground in the coming months but we can’t wait to see just what they giant does.

Source WSJ

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