Nike’s innovations today were definitely centered around their footwear, but that’s not all they had to offer. They also unveiled something called NikeGRIP, an anti-slip solution that considers both the inside and outside of a sock to maximize grip, ultimately improving an athlete’s traction and confidence.

Nike has created a new sock that prevents slippage inside and outside of the sock to create a unique solution for athletes. The did this by using a new ultrafine polyester fiber that creates more contact points with the foot and shoe than one fiber alone. Twisting the nanofiber with traditional fibers used in sock manufacturing, therefore, creates the ultimate sock fiber. Thanks to wear-testing data, the team over at Nike identified the big toe and the heel as areas of importance of where they needed to eliminate or add more fabric depending on the athlete.  From there, NikeGRIP works in concert with Nike shoe insoles to ultimately boost an athlete’s purchase, and poise.

via: Nike

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