Last week, the world was treated to the #KobeSystem, courtesy of newly minted life coach, Kobe Bryant. Each day we were given a lesson on how to be more than what we are today. To achieve this goals, Kobe gave us 7 lessons. Since we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to be better than better, we out the entire collection together to make sure you achieve….more. You’re Welcome.

Lesson 1 – Success (Always Keep Your Defense, Offensive)

Lesson 2 – Adaptation (Its Not About Reaction)

Lesson 3 – Perception (What Is This?)

Level 4 – Explosion (Its A Matter Of Fast and Strong)

Level 5 – Domination (Shhh, Just Pay Attention)

Level 6 – Beastion (Are You A Different Animal and The Same Beast?)

Level 7 – Success at Success (Ditto)