Nike wants the citizens of their native Portland to get more active in 2016 and will support the cause with their new BIKETOWN bike share program.

“We’re proud of our long history of partnership with the City of Portland and believe that the BIKETOWN bike share program is one more example of how we can work together to help make Portland an even more active, vibrant and innovative community – goals Nike and the City of Portland share,” said Nike Vice President of Global Community Impact Jorge Casimiro.

The partnership will span five years and will provide $10 million to the City of Portland Bike Share Program called BIKETOWN. The partnership will increase the number of bikes in the Portland Bike Share Program from the 600 that were initially planned to 1,000. Nike will also be providing designs for BIKETOWN’s stations, the visual bike identity and digital branding. As you can see above the bikes will be made to look like Nike retro boxes and the early beginnings of the brand thanks to the heavy use of orange and Nike logos.

The City of Portland’s Bike Share program is scheduled to launch in July. To read more you can click here.

via: NIKE, Inc.