Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was under some pressure recently as he was forced to make a difficult decision. If you didn’t know already, the Portuguese star is under contract with Nike and even has his own signature shoe, the Nike Mercurial CR7.

Having previously launched his own line of underwear and shirts, Nike decided to stay idle and let him do his thing for the time being. But when Ronaldo launched a new CR7 footwear line that’s when Nike decided to draw the line. The footwear line consists of boots, loafers and dress shoes and was unveiled at the Milan Shoe Fair last week.

Nike gave the 30-year-old an ultimatum: drop your footwear collection or lose your contract with Nike. Ronaldo decided to drop his line and stick with the Swoosh who is paying him a pretty penny to be the face of their soccer division.

If you were Ronaldo would you have kept your CR7 footwear line or did he make the right choice by sticking with Nike?

via: Sport English