From the beginning, Nike has made it a mission to change the way you think. More often than not, that change has more to do with what is inside of you than it is does with what you have on your feet. Through careful marketing and world-class products, Nike has been able to walk the line between selling you stuff and inspiring you to get off your ass and do something. One of the most successful moments in their history revolves around the launch of the “Just Do It” campaign. Started over 23 years ago, the campaign has gone from centering on regular everyday heroes like Walt Stack to super-star athletes like Bo Jackson.

However, it is no longer 1988 and the “world” of sports has changed. Though Nike has embraced many sports, their new campaign is taking the activities that were once looked down upon and given them a global stage. A new day is dawning in the sports world where action sports are getting the recognition that they have always deserved. Athletes such as Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass, surf prodigies Julian Wilson and Laura Enever are certified stars and inspire just as many to “Just Do It” as any other athlete you can name. In the short video below, we get a taste of just how inspiring these athletes are set to a backdrop of darkness and pyrotechnics.

Labeled as “The Chosen”, the new campaign will take the “Just Do It” mantra to the action sports world on a global scale and invite skaters, surfers, BMX riders, snowboarders and skiers to push themselves to the limit. In addition to the campaign, action sports athletes will be invited to submit a video of their crew in order to be chosen for an opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to travel with the Nike team while getting access to exclusive Nike products and experiences. The contest will run within Facebook where winners will be determined by fan support, Nike and Nike athletes. For those interested in the campaign, check out