Nike Sportswear continues to capitalize on nostalgia with the retro’ing of many classic models. But not only have they retro’d specific shoes, they’ve retro’d the the themes as well, in many cases adding them to other kicks. Enter the Nike Terminator “Urban Jungle Gym”. As Nike just rereleased the Nike Air Raid “UJG” they also added the theme to the Air Force 1 and now the Terminator. The “UJG” harkens back to the in your face colors of the early 90s and the campaign to embrace peace and diversity.

Like its counterparts in the collection, the circa ’85 Terminators see a largely black upper. The black is matched with bright yellow stitching and a striking green lining. The prominently large Nike branding on the back is incased by the famous colorful Urban Jungle Gym pattern. WishATL currently has these available now for $85.