Kyrie Irving made his 2015 season debut last night against the Philadelphia 76ers with a victory, after fracturing his left kneecap during Game 1 of the NBA championship series in June 2015.

Two hundred days later, Irving has been dedicated to being back on the court as healthy as ever. Still haven’t lost a step since his prep years in New Jersey, the Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard attributes his unrivaled quickness on-and-off the ball to a rigorous training regime. Adding a new series of isolated, weight-bearing dynamic exercises in the gym to complement his usual on-court workouts, the recovery included sweating every single day with his trainers, starting at 6:30 a.m., for two and a half hours prior to team practice at 10:00 a.m.

β€œIt sucks being hurt, But when you have guys in your corner β€” you have teammates and you have coaches who are continuously supporting you and helping you get to your goal, it makes life a lot easier.”

said Irving. View a glimpse of his training in the video below.

via: NIKE