Nike Zoom FC SB

Nike is sure a diverse company. Starting in running shoes, they quickly got into all other sports including soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and now skateboarding. The Nike FC SB combines a great indoor soccer shoe with the performance and style of skateboarding shoes.Nike FC shoes have been released in more colorways as a skateboarding shoe than as an indoor soccer shoe. If you didn’t know already, the “FC” part of Nike FC SB is short for “Football Club” – the name on the end of most European soccer teams.

Nike FC shoes have also been available on Nike ID so that you can make custom shoes, but unfortunately they aren’t the Nike FC SBs. This meaning that it wont have the same cushioning and padding that the Nike FC SB has.

Nike Zoom FC SBs are only sold at authorized Nike SB shops. To find a shop that has Nike Zoom FC SBs, go onto the official Nike Skateboarding website.

The first Nike FC SBs were launched in December, 2003, and there are several colors released per year. The most memorable Nike FC SBs were special edition Lance Armstrong Nike FC shoes.