Nike has created the first-ever skate shoe designed specifically for women. Known as the Women’s Nike SB Bruin High, the shoe features a new, sculpted fit, a shallower forefoot and a more tapered heel than the typical men’s skate last, the shoe hugs the foot and prevents unwanted, distracting movement. This creates a close fit with enough room width-wise for necessary comfort.

“The most important thing for me in footwear is a balance of durability, boardfeel, snugness and support,” says Lacey Baker, Nike SB pro skateboarder. “If it’s a perfect balance, then I feel the most connected to my skateboard.”

Equally important to the new last is a shift from a traditional square pattern on the foot bed to a tri-star pattern, as part of the shoe’s typical build for vulcanization. As Nike SB’s first step in advancing this geometry, which will eventually appear in other shoes, this pattern improves the structure of the shoe, decreases weight and increases flexibility. These tri-star geometries have properties that help the shoe move with the foot more fluidly.

“When you put on the Bruin, it automatically feels perfect,” Baker concludes. “The shape inside the shoe fits perfectly around my foot. The back of the shoe has a slight tilt that grips my heel, while the shoe is wider towards the front, which provides that balance of support and freedom.”

The Women’s Nike SB Bruin High is available October 5 on the Nike app, and at select retailers.

via: Nike

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