Ever wanted to skateboard in Huaraches? Well you could just do that – OR – Nike SB has given you the option to wear these Nike SB Eric Koston Huarache.

I swear somewhere in Nike is an executive with a lot of power, who’s sole intention is to drive teams to make hybrid bastardizations of all their designs.  It is an interesting thought to imagine, mostly because sneakerheads for the most part don’t like them.  Still, when it is something like this, where the Nike athlete wants a piece of one of their favorite retro Nikes introduced into their signature sneaker, its easy to give it a pass.

You might note that Paul Rodriguez’s signature sneakers have pulled quite a few Huarache-like aesthetics. Koston has also pulled inspiration from a few of his favorite Jordans and Air Max int he past as well. So maybe this has become a bit of a Nike SB tradition now.

If you are feeling the Nike SB Eric Koston Huarache (that suede is super nice after-all) look for it to hit stateside very soon.

Source: sivasdescalzo

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