When we first showed you these NIke SB Dunks, they were called the “Chirping Bird“. I am not sure if Nike read the comments on this site, or if they just changed their minds, but they have now updated the “sound” to a ringing telephone in an ode to Larry Perkins.

Larry Perkins is a fictitious character from around five years ago, who was the “most underrated skater ever” and made prank calls on behalf of Big Brother Magazine. Like the previous version with the chirping sound, they sport a black denim upper. They sit upon a white midsole that shares its color with the heel tab, and a red outsole that compliments the branding on the heel and tongue tab. They also have a black furry bird-like lining, but since they don’t chirp anymore, I guess it is just “furry”. They are set to release Saturday, March 20th at Premier.

via ATL Got Sole