Not everyone follows the sport of Cricket, but if you do then you might already know that Nike’s only chance at the Cricket World Cup rests in India’s hands. Although Nike is one of the most valuable sporting brands in the game, and despite the fact they have their hands in the NFL, the NCAA and the MLB, only one team will be repping the Nike Swoosh for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Back in 2005, Nike partnered up with India on a five-year deal at $9 million a year. The deal was extended to include the 2011 World Cup, in which India took home the gold. Then, Nike signed up for another 5 years with India after passing on competing with Adidas bid with another team. This contract was drawn up for $12 million per year.

In terms of picks, Nike chose wisely. Not only is Cricket a cultural past-time and a national craze in India, but they took first place in 2011 and also won the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy in England. Whether India wins or loses, the event will give Nike another stage to shine on as India attempts to defend the title.