When it comes to defining a “modern classic” in sneaker culture, one need look no further than the iconic Nike Air Force 1. Bruce Kilgore’s design was perfect for the basketball courts during its heyday, but it has since evolved into a staple of any sneakerhead’s collection for wear off the court. It doesn’t matter where you see the Air Force 1, the first word that’s going to come to your mind is “classic.” With the Nike Pivot Pack that’s available at Champs Sports, Nike Sportswear is once again breathing new life into the shoe in the simplest of ways with the addition of star branding on the heel and tongue. It’s a subtle touch but paired up with the Pivot Pack apparel, it makes all the difference in the world. Enjoy this look in the latest edition of the The GamePlan by Champs Sports and be sure to find your local Champs to cop this collection and see what’s up and coming and fresh with the Champs blog, TheDrop.