The Nike Mag is probably the one sneaker I have always dreamed of having. I remember seeing them in the movie and thinking how awesome it would be to have a pair of those on my feet at the time. Maybe it was the hover board, or  maybe it was the auto-laces, either way, I WANTED a pair. I remember asking the people at the local Foot Locker about the sneaker and if they would ever be created. More often than not, I was greeted with laughter and told that I would have to wait until 2015.

Well along comes 2011 and out of nowhere, Nike gives us the Nike Mag 2011. Though it may not come with a hoverboard, the Nike Mag was finally real. Everywhere you looked, fans were frothing at the mouth just to get a look at the legendary sneakers. Yeah there may be a few holy grails out there, but realistically, none of them match up to the Nike Mag. Originally designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, the model was a precursor to some of  our most beloved sneakers.

However, Nike managed to upset the balance of things. They gave us one of our most beloved hopes and dreams in exchange for us helping to fulfill someone else’s hopes and dreams. See Nike essentially gave 1500 pairs of the Nike Mag to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to auction off for charity. They could have easily mass-produced the sneaker and sold them at every retail outlet possible, but instead they chose a different route. They put humanity and humility first. What better way to really the sneaker community behind a cause that affects millions of people than to give us our dreams?

Nike has put the sneakers up for sale on eBay, allowing people like you and I to get a chance to grab one of the sneakerworld’s most anticipated releases. The auctions have been going on since September 8, and according to, the auction have raised over $2,623,857. In addition to the money raised by the auctions, Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin has agreed to match the funds dollar for dollar up to 50 Million dollars. Based on a quick look, the Nike Mag is currently selling for an average of $3500.

A new crop just went up a few minutes ago so head on over and start the bidding at NikeMag.Ebay.Com.