Nike LeBron 8 '112' & Nike LeBron 7 ’112′ Comparison

Chances are the only time you will see DJ Clark Kent’s ‘112’ themed sneakers is on internet. If you are a fan of the look this time you are in luck as we get treated to a side by side comparison of two different models. Both the Nike LeBron 8 and Nike LeBron 7 sit side by side with the Black / Volt colorway waiting for you to play favorites and decide which is better. For us its honestly a tie and the colorway fits any model you put it on. On each model the Black suede and 3M compilments each other well and the Volt accents are undeniable. If you had to pick however which would be your favorite?

Nike LeBron 8 ‘112’ & Nike LeBron 7 ‘112″² Comparison

Source ISS | lilpennymagicfan