Mountain Dew makes more than just soda. What you see above is one of the 32 kits of the Nike Kyrie 3 K.A.R.E. Kit. This special edition sneaker set was inspired by Kyrie’s ability to break his opponents ankles. Let’s take a closer look.

The Nike Kyrie 3 K.A.R.E. Kit (Kyrie’s Ankle Recovery Equipment) is more than just shoes. Aside from the White and Lime Green Kyrie 3, the kit also comes with iPad preloaded with some of Kyrie’s best highlights on the court, a first aid kit, five limited edition cans of Mountain Dew dedicated to Kyrie, an autographed X-Ray of a broken ankle and an emergency phone. As mentioned above, only 32 kits were created and none of them will be sold at retail. No word on how to get a pair yet, but our bet is that it’s a Friends and Family release.

via: Complex

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